“180″ – Shocking Award Winning Documentary on Abortion

“180″ – Shocking Award Winning Documentary on Abortion

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33 minutes that will rock your world!

The documentary film ‘180’ is changing people’s beliefs about abortion. Author and producer Ray Comfort uses the film to ask questions that challenge people’s beliefs and ideas about abortion.

Abby Johnson, who resigned her position as the director of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion business, has also seen the film and said pro-life advocates “must check it out,” saying it is “one of the best things you will ever watch.”

Documentary from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on the ‘Hidden Holocaust’ of abortion in the country

“Most of us know that we should be doing something to stop this horror, but the thought of protesting is a little unnerving, especially with the demonization of those who do so,” says Ray Comfort. “But here is something each of us can easily do — we can give this DVD out. We can pass them out on the streets, leave copies on park benches or on seats in malls or give it to the checkout lady at the supermarket. This isn’t hard to do, and it will save lives — perhaps millions of lives.”

“180” is 33 minutes of video adrenaline, shock, and hope. As defenders of the unborn and messengers of the Gospel of Life, we need to see this video and share it with as many people as we can. Kirk Cameron – Actor and TV Co-host

“This short documentary has totally rocked my world . . . I dare you to watch 180.” Mark Hall – lead singer, Casting Crowns

“This is a powerful, confrontational treatment of abortion that rocks its defenders back on their heels. Don’t miss it!”
John MacArthur – Grace Community Church

“Ray Comfort’s film on abortion demonstrates that the twisted lies which govern our culture are no match for God’s truth. – Paul Washer – Itinerant Preacher, General Director for HeartCry Missionary Society

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Photo credit: IMG_2104 via photopin (license)