Gog-Magog Battle Series

Gog-Magog Battle Series

The Impending Invasion of Israel – The Gog-Magog Battle

By Nathan Jones

A comprehensive and very easy to understand series written by Nathan Jones of Lamb and Lion Ministries.

“From the latest news headlines: Iran, Russia and Turkey have become allies. Fundamentalist Islam is uniting old Middle Eastern enemies against Israel. Russia is supplying rockets and weapons to those very same nations. Israel now has the means of becoming exceedingly wealthy.

To the student of Bible prophecy, these and other modern developments combined form a very familiar scenario already foretold in ancient biblical writings. Some 2,600 years ago, the young prophet Ezekiel relayed God’s passionate message, telling us that when these events fully play out the battle that will occur will end up changing the very face of the world. Nothing will be the same for anyone by the time the Gog-Magog Battle is over.

To find out how today’s headlines will eventually play out, let’s inspect God’s prophecy given to Ezekiel in the Book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.”  By Nathan Jones