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End Times

End Times
Christian Martyrsvideo

Message to ISIS

This February marked the one year anniversary of the beheading and martyrdom of 21 Coptic Cristian young men. This video is tribute to the young men who gave their loves for the love of their Lord, Jesus Christ. It is also a denouncement of the hate and cowardice that precipitated it without returning hatred for hatred.
Lamb and Beast of Revelation

As The Day Approaches

We are witnessing the unfolding of events long prophesied to take place during the last generation before the return of Christ. We who have been waiting and longing for this day know the feeling of joyous anticipation mixed with a sorrowful dread for what it will mean for the unsaved.
Kurdish YPG Fighters

Russian Press Preparing the Public for a War with the West

The press in Moscow is preparing the Russian public for an impending war with the West. Such a war could begin in Syria, but it could also be sparked by current conflicts in the Ukraine. Just three days ago, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned of a possible impending world war.
Calvary Chapels,Bill Hybels and Jesuit Mysticism

What Does Bill Hybels and Jesuit Mysticism have to do with Calvary Chapels?

Paul tells us to beware of false teachings that can and will enter the church. Contending for the faith risks the chance of being ridiculed and scoffed at, but we must stand up for Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word whatever the cost.

Changes Within the Church

Roundtable with Chris Quintana, Roger Oakland and Xavier Reis discussing significant changes taking place in our world today and within Christianity

The Perilous Times We Live In

Two part discussion with Chris Quintana and Roger Oakland about the perilous times we are living in now.
Christian Persecution

Christians “Should be Eradicated”: Anti-Christian Agenda Among Powerful Elite

Critics asserting the existence of an institutional anti-Christian bias, and a resultant war on the faith, have been labeled paranoid. U of North Texas sociologists have produced research showing that this agenda exists — among America’s most powerful people.
Jesus Teaching

Did Jesus Refer to the Rapture

The biggest question is are you ready for Him - if the Rapture were to occur today, would you go? It’s the single condition of faith alone in Christ alone, which not only saves but assures us of a better world and hope beyond this life.
Proofs For The Pre-Trib Rapture

Proofs For The Pre-trib Rapture

Does the Bible teach that the Church will be caught up in the Rapture? Is the Rapture really Pre-Trib?
Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day and it is hard to forget the horrors of the Holocaust. But while some actively deny the scope or even the very existence of the atrocities, others simply grow up unaware of the history we vowed never to forget.