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Israel News

Israel News

IDF uncovers vast Hamas terror network

The IDF uncovered a vast Hamas terror network in Judea and Samaria, funded by Hamas headquarters in Qatar and Gaza.
Secretary Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Shake Hands

John Kerry Coordinating with PLO Against Netanyahu

John Kerry has aggressively pushed for a disastrous renewal of negotiations in which Israel was forced to make concessions and release terrorists.
Spying on Israel

US Spied on Israel, Prepared to Destroy Israeli Bombers to Protect Iran

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus In an explosive report we learn that ever since 2012, the United States has been spying on Israel in order to...
Israel attack; two dead

Knife-Wielding Palestinians Strike in Jerusalem; Two Dead

Knife-wielding Palestinians attacked Israelis in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank on Friday and police said they had shot dead two assailants, in a further wave of violence spurred partly by tensions over a Jerusalem holy site.

Jews Repair Joseph’s Tomb after Palestinian Damage

Just two weeks after Joseph’s Tomb was set ablaze by Palestinian protesters, Jewish workers spent an entire night repairing the damage and restoring the...
Ethiopian Airlines attack

Israeli attacked by Sudanese citizen during Ethiopian Airlines flight

by Itai Blumenthal Ethiopian authorities arrested a Sudanese traveler after he tried to murder an Israeli passenger on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Chad to...
Arak IR-40 Heavy Water Reactor, Iran

Iran nuclear program is on verge of breakthrough

From Times of Israel November 15, 2012, 11:05 pm VIENNA (AP) — Iran is on the threshold of being able to create weapons-grade uranium at a...
Row of Israeli Jetplanes in the Moonlight

Israeli preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear program

“WE ARE ENTERING THE MOST FATEFUL 50 DAYS” SINCE YOM KIPPUR WAR, SAYS SENIOR ISRAELI OFFICIAL: Evidence continues to mount that an Israeli preemptive...