Message to ISIS

Message to ISIS


This February marked the one year anniversary of the beheading and martyrdom of 21 Coptic Christians. This video is a tribute to the young men who gave their lives for the love of their Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a denouncement of the hate and cowardice that precipitated it, without returning hatred for hatred.

The video does not show the beheadings and is in no way violent. The following is a transcript of the words spoken in this video.

My Friends…the killers…
You beheaded in cold blood 21 Copts, only because they are Christians and refused to leave their God and their faith.
I want to thank you because;
– You made them kneel not before you but rather before their loving God who is going to judge the living and the dead.
– You did not make them see your hating harsh eyes as their last image on earth but the eyes of their kind heavenly father.
– You videotaped this vicious killing… because until that day…we Christians were considering all the martyrdom of George, Demyana, Theodor and many more as mere stories…but thanks to your video we now believe in their reality.
– You covered your faces, so we never remember yours but we will always remember the faces of the brave martyrs.
– You made us understand the huge difference between your God and ours…in one simple fact our God would shed his blood in love for his people, and his followers would gladly gave their lives for His love.